West Virginia Employer Sanitation Team Member in Moorefield, West Virginia

BFOQ Must be at least 18 years of age due to child labor laws. Duties are to clean and sanitize food, beverage and/or drug processing plants, which are operated by the employer's customers, to meet Quality Control and Bacterial Standards imposed by the customer and applicable Government agencies, such as the USDA. Required to completely clean and sanitize the plant quickly and efficiently during relatively short time periods between the plant's normal production shifts. Will work in an environment that is wet, very humid, and experiences extreme temperature changes, from very hot to very cold, which may cause the work area to become foggy, icy and slippery. Cleans and works around extremely dangerous and sometimes fast-moving equipment, some of which must be running. Work area floor may become slippery due to animal fat and/or oil residue from daily plant production as well as the water and chemicals used. Must work as a team along with other members of the crew, sometimes under stressful conditions, and be flexible and willing to perform varying tasks directed by the supervisor and in accordance with all safety guidelines. Job functions and requirements: frequently lift hoses, equipment, chemical containers weighing 20-80 lbs.; assist in transporting heavy equipment with forklifts, hand trucks and other devices; wear employer specified protective gear; exposure to cleaning solutions and sanitizers; perform varying tasks while standing, lifting, crouching, etc. for extended periods of time. Monday through Friday (occasional Saturdays and Sundays) 3-11 pm. Benefits available: medical, dental, vacation, 401K.